Grange Pre-School Playgroup Project Highlights Power of Football in Education

“Football contributes so much more than just physical activity”

Before the end of the 2016/2017 football season, we had the pleasure of seeing the fantastic work of the boys and Girls at Grange Pre-School Playgroup who have been learning about football and Dundee United for 3-4 months.  As part of their work, the kids designed “new strips” for their favourite player and as a special treat we were able to get some of the squad to pose with the designs.

Aimee Allardyce had this to say on behalf of Grange “Our project at Grange pre school playgroup started with one little boy coming in after watching Sean Dillon’s testimonial match the night before and it took off from there. The children acted out Sean’s match outside and one little boy even acted out being Shea Dillon scoring the final goal!”

The project has also involved the children playing football where they learned about taking turns, they made their own red and yellow cards where they learned about rules and chose football as their exercise every day.

Some of the comments from the children include:
Thomas: I want to show Sean Dillon my photograph and ask him if he can teach me real football’
Ruaridh:.. I’m going to be a Dundee United player when I’m older. I’m going to be Sean Dillon.
Thomas: I’m going to be a Dundee United player too. I would say Scott Fraser. Scott Fraser is number 10.

Aimee later commented that “The children loved designing their own football strips and I incorporated literacy and numeracy into their learning too- and when their keen interest continued that’s when I thought about contacting the club”

Jamie Kirk, on behalf of DUCT, added “This type of work being delivered in the local community shows that football contributes so much more than just physical activity.  When Aimee got in touch we were only too happy to reach out to the club on behalf of the group and as ever the support was fantastic.  It goes to show that while players come and go, the impact they leave on the people in the community can be astonishing at times.”

Below you can see some examples of the work completed by the children as part of their project work.


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