Trying to lose weight and get healthy? We can help!  The Dundee United Community Trust’s latest Football Fans in Training programme is here to motivate you make that change.

We are currently accepting applications to join our waiting list for 2017/2018.  Places are limited so please act fast.

For Men: Age 35 – 65 and waist size 38 + inches
For Women: Age 35 – 65 and dress size 16 +

There are still places available in both groups and if you feel this is the moment for you to make that chance, please send us an email to register your interest.

Please note the programme is free.

Throughout the 13 weeks our qualified coaches will educate and encourage participants to make positive changes to their lifestyles, diet and physical activity with the overall goal being weight loss. Sessions will consist of an hour’s theory followed by a physical activity session which is gradually developed. However, this does not need to be football related and will be tailored to the needs of the group.

Since 2010 we have delivered sixteen FFIT programmes to men, and three to women, and every participant who managed to keep going for 13 weeks lost weight and made positive changes. We now look to offer the same opportunities to our female fan base.

Participant Susan Q Clelland said:

“Before FFIT I wouldn’t walk a couple of hundred yards, by the end of the course I was walking about 8 miles a day 5 or 6 days a week…..I  even walked/climbed Mt  Snowdon.  I can’t stress how much I appreciated the help and support to get off the couch and get started, best decision I made this year.”

Georgie Smith added:

“Football Fans in Training gave me the kick start to making better choices, which I have continued after the programme finished.  I am more active than I’ve ever been. I think everyone who wants to make the change should sign up and also have a laugh or two along the way.”

Any questions, please get in touch.